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About Us

Dedicated Towards Growth and Healthcare

Our mission is to deliver the best value healthcare products through a commitment to research, development and awareness of unmet patient needs. Our commitment is producing high quality and affordable medicines that are safe and effective for patients.

Our Story

With the opening of Indian Economy to the world, Indian Pharmaceutical Industry, by virtue of its inherent strength of large pool of scientific community, massive manpower and cheap labor, was poised to become Pharma Super Power. In order to achieve this goal in global pharma market, it was imperative that Indian companies upgrade technology, adopt stringent quality control procedures and evolve a culture of living up to strict delivery schedules. In an effort to produce quality medicines at affordable prices, most modern plant and machinery backed with highly skilled team of professionals have been put in place at CASCA REMEDIES PVT. LTD.

Our Vision

The company is able to be a global pharmaceutical company as it is able to produce the product at a good price and such that consumers can afford their medication. The product range also has high quality products, considering the cost of manufacturing them. Furthermore, the accessibility is up to date with its innovative technology which makes it easy for everyone around the world to get the needed medication without any difficulty or fuss.

Our Mission

We are committed to striving for excellence in every area, from quality assurance and production technology to ethical practices. Our goal is to provide cost-effective, innovation based superior quality pharmaceutical products across the globe, to improve the lives of patients.


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